Ascites got cured through 6 months of Kamalahar treatment


I m pleased to share with you our experience of Kamalahar.  As I mentioned earlier, my father is suffering with HCV.  He had severe Ascites in Dec. 2014 and his SGOT/STPT crossed 100 whereas total Bilirubin went beyond 3.  We administered Kamalahar for 4 days.  But had to stop the same because of body rash.  It may be due to various other allopethic treatments (diuretics & antibiotics) were ongoing at that time.  However we found tremendous change in my father’s Ascites.  Then we did not start with Kamalahar.  Still only with 4 day treatment, my father’s liver started functioning and with 20 days his condition improved.  Then we decided to start with Kamalahar treatment and began to administer 6 capsules a day.  Very soon my father’s ascites got cured and his swollen feets became normal.  Now its 6th month of treatment with Kamalahar.  Now my father’s SGOT / SGPT is back on almost normal level.

Kindly guide in this regard.

Yours Sincere