Mr. H. N. Tiwari Bhopal, M.P.

My name is Hari Narayan Tiwari. My age is approximately 65 years. I am a retired Central Government Officer.

In the year 2015; an ultrasound revealed FATTY LIVER. Doctors said nothing to worry about, it will be okay. I too ignored the issue. In my guest meetings, I used to have fried items like SAMOSA-KACHORI-TEA, etc. I also used to have drinks(alcohol) at evening parties. My weight increased quite a lot.

I retired in 2017. After retirement once I noted blood in my stool. My condition became serious and my body weight increased to 115/117 Kgs. I was just pulling in and was having some medicine or the other randomly.

In 2021 I had continuous bleeding in my stool: I thought it was Piles. And I went to see a Piles Specialist for surgery. After examining he advised me to see a Gastroenterologist. I went to GASTRO CARE hospital in my Ciry-you will see the reports.

Now after having KAMALAHAR for about 5 months, I am absolutely okay. My loss of appetite is gone, constipation is gone, and itching is gone. I am feeling good!

I like to thank Vijay Bhai because of KAMALAHAR. I am fine. I cycle for 20-25 KMs. My weight is reduced to 92 Kg. My fatty liver is gone. I am feeling absolutely young! I sleep well; have a fine appetite. Thanks, Khatore Pharma! Thanks, everyone.

Mr. Mr. H. N. Tiwari,
Bhopal, M.P. (India).
Cell / WhatsApp +91 88390 04106

Mr. Atul Mishra Goa, India
Namaskar Friends,

I am Atul Mishra from Goa. I want to tell you how I rescued my brother from the Jaws of death recently. My brother had turned an alcoholic, he damaged his liver very badly. All his parameters went haywire; serum bilirubin, SGPT, SGOT. His stomach bloated like a big sack and there was a lot of water retention, he lost his appetite and was bedridden. Doctors had said the only solution to his problem is a liver transplant. When we did some research we found liver transplant is s very complex operation. Two people suffer a lot-the donor and the recipient. It is not easy to find a donor. The donor is either a dead body-a cadaver, there is a long waiting list, or a relative who has to be young enough to be able to donate 60 to 70 percent of the liver.

Luckily my friend from Delhi told me about this gentleman Vijay Khatore who runs a company called Khatore Pharmaceuticals in Odisha in a small town Barbil-Odisha where he manufactures medicines-one of them is KAMALAHAR which is ideally suited for liver cirrhosis.

I approached Mr. Khatore and I talked to him and discussed my case he said your brother can recover from this condition. I was surprised. Anyway- I ordered the medicine; 2 capsules 3 times a day and we gave it for two months and there was remarkable improvement-unbelievable!

He started regaining his appetite gained some strength in his body, the stomach started reducing. We continued for another 4 months. After 6 months I can say my brother is 70 percent recovered from liver cirrhosis which is unbelievable! And seeing this I have also started taking KAMALAHAR, for detoxification of the liver which is also for grade-1 fatty liver. I am sure this is ideal for detoxification of normal liver or slightly diseased liver and in case of cirrhosis-badly damaged liver. This is a perfect remedy. Thank you so much.

Mr. Atul Mishra,
Goa, India.
Cell / WhatsApp +91 932 226 6483

Mr. Nordin Ismail Pahang, Malaysia
I am Nordin Ismail from Pahang Malaysia. I am diagnosed with liver disorders since June 2021 which is called cirrhosis and ascites. The doctors told me that this sickness has no treatment but I can control it by controlling spicy, oily, and salty food. I must strictly control it.

After I consumed KAMALAHAR I am feeling much better and I came to my daily activities. No longer swelling and water retention in my legs. I am very happy.

I thank Mr. Vijay, and also to Mr. Pranay and Mr. Ravi who recommended and guided me to take KAMALAHAR. After I have taken this supplement, it gave me new hope for my life.

Mr. Nordin Ismail,
Cell / WhatsApp +60 19-962 6701

Mr. Nitin Padgaonkar Bangalore, Karnataka
Hi, my name is Nitin Padgaonkar. I am from Bangalore. In 2019 I had undergone hernia surgery and after that, there was water retention. Doctors advised stomach scanning and they found water retention is due to liver cirrhosis. I was given medicine for water retention and liver stabilization. But there was no result.

I searched various sites over the internet and I found that Khatore Pharma medicine is to be relied upon. I spoke to the company executive Mr. Vijay. He explained to me about the tablets (actually capsules) and now it is 11 months, I got fantastic results. My stomach which was bloated to about 48 inches from 40 inches is back to normal. My liver function tests are normal. I had to sacrifice oily food, no salt, and spices but the results were fantastic. Thanks to Mr. Vijay for his advice. He answered all my queries and I am thankful to him and the company.

Another thing is my wife has arthritis in the left leg and we have started a medicine (K-MATIC) from the same company. It is now 2 months. I hope to get good results by end of the course.

So I feel that people who have Fatty liver or any liver problems can talk to Mr. Vijay. Else, they can go to the company website, his number is given there, you can contact him. He can give a proper advise.

Mr. Nitin Padgaonkar,
Bangalore, Karnataka,
Cell / WhatsApp +918369744624

Mr. Gopichand Talreja Malegaon, Nasik, Maharastra
I am from Nashik district in Maharastra. In 2017 my wife had Jaundice. My friend told me about KAMALAHAR, Going by his advise I started on KAMALAHAR in June 2020, last year. It’s been one year. There have been lots of benifits...

Mr. Gopichand Talreja,
Malegaon, Nasik, Maharastra,
Cell +919423546412

Mr. Ravi Kumar Hyderabad, India
I am a software Engineer from Hyderabad having multiple liver problems..My ascities is very well being managed by KAMALAHAR...

Mr. Ravi Kumar,



Cell +919059060691

Mr. Alok Pathak New Delhi
I was suffering from Cirrhosis. I use to have bleeding from nose, gum. I also had ascites and swelling in legs. I started feeling better within 3 months of taking Kamalahar. Also, my blood platelets count went up significantly within 6 months.

Mr. Subachandran Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I had Cirrhosis with Ascites. My legs were swollen and I did not have appetite. I could not ride my bike and had to stop going to work. After taking Kamalahar the legs are back to normal. My appetite is good and I am able to go back to work. The liver is getting back to normal.

Ms. Jyoti Mumbai
My father was suffering from Hepatitis and Cirrhosis. The viral load of my father was more than 13 lakhs and now it is less than 1 lakh. Earlier we tried many medicines which did not help. Now he is only on Kamalahar and he is already on the third course. He is normal now with no cirrhosis and many of the other problems like ulcer got cured too.

Mr. Pranay Dholakia Ahemdabad,Gujarat
I am 79 years old. After the sonographic test I was told that I am suffering from cirrhosis and the only option was liver transplant. My Liver was shrunken. Doctors told me that there is no cure available and I just have to live with it with some life style changes. I took it as a challenge and after due search I came across Kamalahar. I started taking Kamalahar and after one and half months I went back for the test. My liver size came as normal. I continued taking Kamalahar and now I am hale and hearty.

Mr. Pranay Dholakia,



Cell +919898433400

Mrs. Rajamma Gomes Goa
My husband has been diagnosed with cirrhosis and liver cancer. After taking Kamalahar, there is a remarkable improvement in his health. There is an increase in his weight and his appetite has improved.
Mr. Praveen Pandey for his father in Hindi New Delhi
My Father is suffering from Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer. Doctor had given him only few months and said that there is no treatment. After about 8 months of treatment with Kamalahar his liver has improved and he is doing much better.

Mrs. Nopani In Hindi Kolkata, West Bengal
I was suffering from cirrhosis. I tried many options but none of them helped me. After about 6 months of treatment with Kamalahar I am feeling much better.

Mr. Ramesh Chennai, Tamil Nadu
I was suffering from Cirrhosis, which was mostly caused due to my diet and other habits. I took Kamalahar for about 6 months and now I am totally fine.

Saurav for his mother Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
My mother was suffering from Cirrhosis of liver. Doctor had said that the Cirrhosis was in last stage and that she needed liver transplant and there is no other way. We were very upset as liver transplant is very expensive and also chances are low. My mother started taking Kamalahar and after taking Kamalahar for about 5 months, her liver is getting back to normal. The swelling in her legs are gone and she is eating normal now.

Mr. Nikhil Seth Baroda, Gujarat
I was diagonosed with Liver Cirrhosis. Doctors started giving me treatment but it could not recover. I searched about it on Google and found out about Kamalahar. I ordered for 6 months medicine. Within 15 days I started seeing improvement. Fluid accumulation in my body started going down and I started feeling hungry again. I have fully recoverd now.

Mr. Nikhil Seth,

Baroda, Gujarat,


Cell +919893462284

Dr. S K Jain Darbhanga, Bihar
The drug has worked in all the cases that I have tried. There was not a single failure. The patients belonged to all age groups and both sexes.
Md Kaiser Alam Ranchi,india

My name is Kaiser Alam. I am from Ranchi. I am about 60 years of age. I have maintsined a healthy lifestyle. No medicine needed. Once I went for a health check-up. Some scars were found in my liver. Platelletes were slightly down. The doctors referred me to a Gastro-enterolist. After tests he informed that that my liver is effected due to non-alcoholic fatty liver, it may develop into cirrhosis which will be irreversable. He said it can not be cured but status-quo may be maintained. I was fine but my wife got worried, how can a man be effected without any vices like alcohol etc.

Meanwhile, we met a gentleman in a train journey. After hearing our problem, he asked his driver(who was to pick them up at the railway station) to get the medicine. That was KAMALAHAR. The gentleman did not even accept money. He said this is going to help but not harm you. If it helps you can get it from Barbil. I am using it for over 5 or 6 years now. My liver is now stable, no further deterioration. I take 2 capsules 3 times a day. I get tested regularly. I appeal to all who are hearing/reading me to use KAMALAHAR. Nothing better is available. Thanks.

Md Kaiser Alam,



Krishna Gopal Vidyarthi Bahadurgarh(Haryana), India.

Namaskar Friends,

In October 2018 I was effected by HepatitisC. After diagnosis of Cirrhosis of Liver, my family was worried. We started preparing for treatment and also did. After several months of costly treatment, the progression of disease was arrested but the damage done could not be corrected.
After that in 2019 my son Vineet found out about KAMALAHAR and got the medicine. We started treatment and good results started coming. The results were very good; people were shocked with delight. Now(November 2020) I am recovered by 70-80% and LIFE-THREAT is over and also the wrong notion that it can not be recovered; was proven wrong. I am sharing my experience with you.

Krishna Gopal Vidyarthi,



Cell +919953805803 and +919991805803

Mr. Deepak Shrivastava Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
My heartfelt thanks to Khatore Pharma.Pvt Ltd, a caregiver for the treatment and cure of liver cirrhosis and other liver diseases who are engaged to extend services at lower cost. Three years ago my sister had liver cirrhosis due to jaundice and hepatitisB.All the treatments nearly went in vain when doctors even at PGI Lucknow opined that there was least chance of survival.I was completely hopeless.Suddenly while searching for some ayurvedic medicine on internet i came across KAMLAHAR capsule and as per advice of Mr Vijay I asked my sister to start Kamlahar capsules and really it became miracle that within a few days she had statred recovering and now she is completely ok.On getting ultrasound of abdomen the radiologist asked who says that the liver was damaged due to cirrhosis.This is my personal experience and I can assure those who are taking Kamlahar will get recover completely.



Lucknow(UP), india.

Cell 7275183077

Ms. Yanti Singapore
At 67 years old I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and hepatitis B at that time my legs are swollen, I did’t have appetite I lost weight a lot. Doctor said that I have to consume medicine for the rest of my life, I was so worried about that and then I started looking on the internet and found about kamalahar. I started to consume kamalahar a few months after diagnosed, after 6 months, my liver function started to become normal and the viral load also started decreasing. And now my liver function is normal, usg result show that no more cirrhosis, the hepatitis b virus almost gone. I’m very gratefull that I found kamalahar.

Live Happily Ever After.

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