Another success story of cured Liver Cirrhosis by Kamalahar

Mr. Sandeep, a resident of New Delhi who was suffering from severe alcoholic liver cirrhosis and got cured within six months of starting the treatment of our Ayurvedic medicine, Kamalahar.
Usually, Doctors say that there is no allopathic cure for this disease but we say otherwise and so does Mrs. Mamta, wife of Mr. Sandeep who had lost all hopes to be cured by any sort of treatment other than an option of Liver transplant. They had diagnosed about his sickness only when his belly suddenly started to grow big unexpectedly because of the liver cirrhosis and he went through various treatments for three months which all went into vain. Doctors had given a month time until they kept her husband under observation because of his weakness for the transplant. This is when she somehow got to know about Kamalahar from a relative of hers and researched more about it online on our website and started giving the medicine to her husband once he was out from the ICU.
They started noticing betterment within one to two months of starting the Kamalahar treatment. Mrs. Mamta mentioned that the serum bilirubin was 18-22 at the worst stage which started dropping with two points and continued dropping till even four points within a gap of fifteen days as she went for his regular check-ups. Other symptoms improved as well, like the yellowish skin tone and the yellowish colour in the eyes started coming back to its normal state. The medicine dosage of two capsules a day was reduced to one per day along with the improvement of the patient.
Now after getting totally cured by Kamalahar, she says she recommends this product to as many friends and relatives as possible whenever she gets to hear of some similar liver problems and would like more and more people to know about this ayurvedic medicine for the benefits it carries along with it.