Mr. Nishant Gujarat
My bilirubin had gone up quite a bit and it had reached 12.3. There was no effect of allopathic treatment on me and I was getting worried that I will lose my semester in college as I was not able to attend the classes. Within a week of taking Kamalahar my bilirubin count had gone down to 5.3 and within 2 weeks it had gone down to 1.9. I am quite grateful as Kamalahar helped me not only get cured but also saved me from failing my 4th semester in college.

Mr. Depak Waghela for Mr J K Chauhan Pune, Maharashtra
My father-in-law (Mr. J. K. Chauhan) was suffering from Hepatitis and he had severe nausea and appetite loss. After doing some tests like LFT, it was clear that it was a liver problem. We were given some medicine by the doctor but I suggested that to start with Kamalahar capsule. Within 3 days, he was back to normal from jaundice.

Mr. Avik for Ms. Namrata Hyderabad
My sister was suffering from Jaundice. Despite the diet control and allopathic treatment, her bilirubin level, sgpt and sgot level was not going down. She was not recovering. Once she started Kamalahar, within 1 week her bilirubin came down and within 15 days she came back to normal.