Dr Mukesh Parmar Gujrat

I am Dr. Mukesh Parmar from Gujrat, I am a Homeopath. Last year I was infected with Hepatitis B and this is such a disease that is quite worrisome because if it is present in the human body it mostly affects the liver which is a very important organ.

Therefore I was quite fearful of it. I went for pathological investigation, my liver was in a very bad shape. My SGPT was 700, SGOT was 1,000 and my bilirubin level went up to 23. I was hospitalized but the recovery was not coming through.

Then I found KAMALAHAR from Khatore Pharma over the internet. I studied all details and ordered it online. Then I started 2 capsules 3 times a day, 2 each in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

After 3 months I found amazing results which Allopathy could not help. My liver condition improve. SGPT came down to 97 from 700, and SGOT came down to 181. Serum bilirubin results I could not believe that it came down to 1, Jaundice was gone!

I am feeling much better and continuing.

Dr Mukesh Parmar(Homeo)
Gujrat (India).
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Mr. Steve Haynes Jamaica
I am Steven from Jamaica. Last year October I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and C. I saw this KAMALAHAR on the internet. I decided to buy this product and try it.

After six months I go back to do the test. When I got to the results everything was gone, all negative.

Thanks to KAMALAHAR, it really helps and I would really help and I would recommend everybody to try it. Thank you.

Mr. Steve Haynes,
Cell / WhatsApp +1 (876) 844 - 0340

Mr. Andres Franco Guatemala City, Central America
Dear Sir in India-I am Andres Franco in Guatemala city-Central America. I am 75 years of age. Two years ago I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis due to Hepatitis C. Six months ago I learned of your product KAMALAHAR and I ordered it. Six months ago I had gone for an ultrasound and it showed nodules which are tumors in my liver and it showed two scars.

A week ago which is roughly after six months of the(last) ultrasound and the nodules and the scars in my liver are gone, completely gone.

So I am very much thankful that I found your product and I recommend it to everyone who has liver problems particularly liver cirrhosis in my case I am very thankful, most thankful to your product because I have a real-real testimonial to show that I am on my way to get cured. Okay-so I am feeling much better, before I took KAMALAHAR product-I had right side-liver side pain every single day that is also gone. The most important thing is that the nodules and scars are completely gone. So I thank God that I found you and thank God that I am taking this fantastic-fantastic product. I recommend it to anybody, thank you sir, I am very thankful to you and thankful to God

Mr. Andres Franco,
Guatemala City,
Central America.
Cell / WhatsApp +50 2311 83747

Krishna Gopal Vidyarthi Bahadurgarh(Haryana), India.

Namaskar Friends,

In October 2018 I was effected by HepatitisC. After diagnosis of Cirrhosis of Liver, my family was worried. We started preparing for treatment and also did. After several months of costly treatment, the progression of disease was arrested but the damage done could not be corrected.
After that in 2019 my son Vineet found out about KAMALAHAR and got the medicine. We started treatment and good results started coming. The results were very good; people were shocked with delight. Now(November 2020) I am recovered by 70-80% and LIFE-THREAT is over and also the wrong notion that it can not be recovered; was proven wrong. I am sharing my experience with you.

Krishna Gopal Vidyarthi,



Cell +919953805803 and +919991805803

Mr. Moorthy Tamil Nadu
I was suffering from hepatitis B for past 7 years. I have been taking Kamalahar for past 3 months. At present virus is gone out from my body. I am taking healthy food and avoiding cholesterol food. At Present I am taking 1 tablet every night.

Mr. Riyaz Kashmir
My mother was suffering from Hepatitis B. When she was diagnosed with hepatitis B, doctors said there is no treatment and we just have to live with it. I searched about it on the internet and found out about Kamalahar. I ordered it online and my mother started taking it 2-3 times per day. We also controlled her diet. We stopped mutton and other non veg for her which is very common at our place. After 4 months we tested again and she is now negative.

Mr. Pradeep Sharma Karnal, Haryana
I found out that I had Hepatitis B. The viral load was 90 thousand. I was given Adefovir but it started creating side effects. I stopped the medicine and started taking Kamalahar. After taking Kamalahar for more than 1 year, I found out that the virus was undetectable. I have tested twice and both the times it is fine. I work for almost 15 hours daily and I am very fit now.

Mr. Tony Mumbai, Maharashtra
I was suffering from Hepatitis B for a very long time. Due to hepatitis B my career in shipping was in trouble. After taking Kamalahar for 6 months along with strict diet control, hepatitis B is undetectable.

Mr. Ranjit For Mr Ashish Singur, West Bengal
My brother-in-law had hepatitis C and Cirrhosis. He was bleeding from nose, mouth, etc. Doctors said that there is no hope and he will survive for only 15 days to 1 month. After 8 months of treatment with Kamalahar, he is Hepatitis negative and he is able to go back to work.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma New Delhi
I had lost all hope after I found out that I had Hepatitis B and that there is no cure for Hepatitis B. But my brother never lost hope and found out about Ayurvedic medicine Kamalahar and ordered the medicine. After taking the medicine for more than 3 months I got fully cured.

Ms. Padmesh Goa
I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. I was on interferon for about 2 years but there was no effect. The viral load did not go down. In 2011, I came across Kamalahar while googling. I was bit skeptical but I still decided to give it a try. I called up the company and asked them for all the details. They sent me the list of ingredients which I researched. After feeling satisfied, I took Kamalahar for 6 months and I was amazed to find out that I was cured of hepatitis C.

Mr. Narendra Kulshreshtha Ahemdabad, Gujarat
I was suffering from Hepatitis B and my bilirubin count was very high. I was admitted to the hospital. My son-in-law found out about Kamalahar and brought it to me. After 15 days of taking Kamalahar, I was discharged from hospital and after taking 3 months of Kamalahar my liver parameters and bilirubin count came back to normal.
Hindi testimonial is from Mr. Narendra Kulshreshtha and the English testimonial is by Mr. Sanjay Kulshreshtha on behalf of his father-in-law Mr. Narendra Kulshreshtha.

Major Retd Ratan Kumar Sen (Shaurya Chakra) Jaipur, Rajasthan
I am retired from army. I was posted in Jammu and Kashmir where I got bullet injuries. I was given blood transfusion and because of that I got Hepatitis B. After taking Kamalahar my hepatitis is gone and I am feeling much better.

Mrs. Uma Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
I had hepatitis C. Doctors told me that there is no cure. After full course treatment with Kamalahar, I am very happy that it is now negative.

For article written by Mrs. Uma's husband, Mr. Gyan Sagar, please follow the link: Hepatitis C treatment that brought happiness back to my married life

Mr. Haneef Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
My wife was suffering from hepatitis C and her viral load was very high. After taking Kamalahar the viral load has gone down significantly and it is very close to being negative.

Mr. Balram KhatriHindi Sonepat, Haryana
I was suffering with Hepatitis C since 2005. I started taking Kamalahar in 2014 and took it for 1 year. Since then I have been non-reactive. Now I am taking 2 capsule twice a day for mainetance

Mr. Ajay Mumbai, Maharashtra
I work abroad and for that we need medical certificate to get the visa. When I did medical test for the visa, I found that I had hepatitis B and my visa was rejected. As a result, I lost my job and was quite depressed. I took Kamalahar for about 5 months and after that I did tests again and I found that I was Hepatitis negative. I reapplied and got the visa and was able to get back to work.

Mr. Chinnabbayi Dubai, UAE
I had Hepatitis B since 2006. My viral load was 17 crore (170 million). I was taking Entecavir 1mg. Even with that the levels were not coming down. Then I started taking Kamalahar. Within a week the sgpt and sgot level improved. Within 6 months my viral load became undetectable.

Dr. Venkat Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Unfortunately and accidentally, I became Hepatitis B positive. After taking Kamalahar for 6 months my Hepatitis B has become undetectable.

Ms. Yanti Singapore
At 67 years old I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and hepatitis B at that time my legs are swollen, I did’t have appetite I lost weight a lot. Doctor said that I have to consume medicine for the rest of my life, I was so worried about that and then I started looking on the internet and found about kamalahar. I started to consume kamalahar a few months after diagnosed, after 6 months, my liver function started to become normal and the viral load also started decreasing. And now my liver function is normal, usg result show that no more cirrhosis, the hepatitis b virus almost gone. I’m very gratefull that I found kamalahar.

Live Happily Ever After.

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