Kamalahar is a hepatoprotective herbal medicine developed by Khatore Pharmaceuticals. Kamalahar not only protects the liver from hepatotoxins but also has the potential to treat serious liver disorders like hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, etc. A great number of patients have been benefited and treated with the use of Kamalahar in different parts of the country so far. One of the patient Mr.Ravi Kumar, a software engineer in Hyderabad was suffering from Kidney problem initially, and later his liver also got involved. After a few days, conditions got worsed and developed into ascites. His belly became bulky and the legs were swollen so much the he even was unable to get into an autorickshaw on his own.Then his Doctor suggested him to use Kamalahar. After a few days, swelling of the legs came down drastically. Now the amount of accumulated fluid into the belly region got reduced and he is feeling far better. Now he is feeling no heaviness. He is regularly consuming Kamalahar and becoming better and better gradually. It may take some more time to cure him completely.

Now you may be thinking about the relation between Liver and ascites and how does Kmalahar act to cure ascites. The most common cause of ascites is advanced liver disease or cirrhosis.
Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver cells caused by various hepatotoxins like excessive use of alcohol, medication, etc.

Kamalahar contains potent hepatoprotective herbs which have the potential to restore functional efficiency of Liver cells. Kamalahar maintains the functional integrity of the liver cells. It also promotes liver cells regeneration. Thus it helps to cure Liver cirrhosis, which is the root cause of ascites.