People are talking a lot about liver disease and its
complications. Although,It is well known and established fact that consuming alcohol,tobacco and hepatotoxic medications are the causes of Liver disease, but, It has been observed that there are so many patients in your surroundings are suffering from Liver disease.Probably, this is because of the food that we consume daily,cultivated with the use of pesticides and insecticides,but It is still a subject matter of research.

So….what should be done to protect our Liver from various Liver diseases? Scientists and healthcare professionals are continuously in the quest of a medicine, which must have potential, not only to cure Liver diseases but also keep our liver protected from various hepatotoxins. The world is looking towards Ayurveda for such medicine,as everyone is now well aware about the adverse effects of allopathic medicines.

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science. There are several herbs and preparations have been described in Ayurveda for the prevention and cure of serious liver diseases.In the modern era, Ayurveda is also at the zenith of its journey. All companies are trying to put, all their efforts to develop a formulation for the prevention and treatment of Liver diseases. But, all formulations are not as effective as these should be. Why is it so? It is because, medicines are sold into a market without and clinical research work. Companies are unable to put forth safety and efficacy data in front of consumers.

As per the need of the current era,”Khatore Pharmaceutical”,one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India,understood the importance of clinical research work in Ayurveda & has developed an Ayurvedic formulation reputed as” Kamalahar”, for the treatment of all serious and non serious kind of Liver diseases. ‘Kamalahar’ has been undergone through multicentric clinical trials on thousands of subjects.During these clinical trials,”Kamalahar” have shown effectiveness in diseases like fatty liver,Liver cirrhosis,hepatitis and other problems too.All clinical trials are well evaluated & documented.

How and why the “Kamalahar” is different from other products available in the market?”Kamalahar” contains herbs which are proven effective for liver health for thousands of years. Standardized extracts of these herbs have been used in a certain ratio to prepare Kamalahar. This certain ratio of herbs produces a synergistic effect instead of the additive effect of the ingredient herbs.The most effective ratio of herbs, to make Kamalahar as a powerful liver medicine, was determined by repeated multiple clinical trials.
Kamalahar has been found safe and effective for all age groups during clinical trials as well as post marketing surveys.