Kamalahar : an answer to Liver Diseases

Although, people are now being more conscious about their health and giving time for daily exercise, eating healthy food. But this is not enough because the vegetables & food, they are eating, are cultivated with the use of pesticides, and may be harmful for their health. It’s a difficult time, if we talk about liver health in current scenario. Our Liver, which is one of the most important organs of our body, plays a vital role in the metabolism of the food what we eat. Toxic food affects liver health. The Symptoms of diseased liver may be in form of Fatty liver, Hepatitis,Cirrhosis,Ascitis etc.

Modern medicines are costly, limited in efficacy and carry the risk of adverse effects. Therefore, thr researchers are looking towards herbal treatments which are proven beneficial for the liver diseases with no adverse effects and are available at very low-cost.

“Khatore Pharmaceuticals”, one of the renowned pharmaceutical companies in India, has developed an Ayurvedic formulation, for the prevention and treatment of serious liver diseases. “Kamalahar” has been developed after extensive multicentric preclinical and clinical trials. “Kamalahar” Contains precious herbs and minerals, as ingredients like Tecoma undulata, Phyllanthus urinaria, Embelia ribes, Taraxacum officinale, Mineral salts, Nyctanthes arbortritis and Terminalia arjuna.The combination of these herbs works synergistically and improves functioning of liver cells and also treats serious liver conditions.

During post marketing surveys, we are getting feedbacks of our patients taking “Kamalahar”, for the treatment of Liver disease and now they have been completely cured. You can see testimonials and reviews of our patients at our website. In India, there are so many specialist Doctors, using “Kamalahar” for the mainstream treatment of liver diseases.