A Success story of Kamalahar in Alcoholic Liver

In a previous blog, we read about Pankaj Chakraborty, an Assam patient, about the benefits of Kamalahar in treating his fatty liver problem. In this blog Let us know the experience of Mr.G.Singh from Agra with Kamalahar in the treatment of Alcoholic liver disease. In an interview, he told his story “I had been consuming alcohol for a long time, suddenly when I went to consult a doctor because I was not feeling well, Doctor told me that I was suffering from alcoholic liver disorder.”Although there are many famous doctors in Agra, there was no significant benefit from consulting with them. A famous doctor advised me to go to ILBS (Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences) Delhi. I followed his advice and went to ILBS. I was admitted there for about 12 days. I was treated with allopathic medicines and discharged when I started feeling a little bit better. At the time of discharge, my bilirubin level was 13 points and I was feeling appetite loss, as well as weakness and paleness all over the body. I was still very upset. Despite spending a lot of money, there was no hope.
After a few days, I met my brother’s boss in a family function. He was a gentle person. He suggested me to take Kamalahar.He told me how his father also had a problem with the alcoholic liver and now he is completely fine with the consumption of Kamlahar.
As suggested by him, I started taking Kamalahar and within a few days, I recovered completely. I also started eating normally.
I am a diabetic patient, therefore with Kamalahar, I had to take Anti-Diabetic allopathic medicines, but apart from that, I did not take any other medicine with Kamalahar.
When I got well, I started drinking alcohol again, it was my terrible mistake. My condition started deteriorating again after starting the wine.
But then I started consuming Kamalahar once again.
I am absolutely fine now and have stopped drinking alcohol completely. You people are advised to stay away from alcohol and if the alcoholic liver is present, then consume Kamalahar for complete cure.