“Kamalahar” cures Ascites From its Root

Before having any discussion about “Kamalahar”, lets have a brief discussion about Ascites and its root causes.
Ascites is known as “Jalodara” in Ayurveda which simply means accumulation of fluid (Jal) in abdominal cavity(Udar).
The abdominal cavity is located below the thoracic(Chest) cavity and separated by diaphragm.There are so many causes of ascites such as liver disease, heart diseases and Kidney diseases.

Here, we will talk about acites caused by Liver disease.
Portal vein brings blood to liver from Intestine.The increase in portal vein’s blood pressure (Portal hypertension) ,results in leakage of fluid from portal vein to abdominal cavity.This accumulated fluid in abdominal cavity is called ascitic fluid.

Why does the portal vein pressure increase? Liver cirrhosis (Scarring of liver cells) is the root cause behind portal hypertension. In cirrhosis, the scar tissue blocks the flow of blood through the liver, hence the pressure inside the hepatic vein increases.

Now Let’s discuss, how does “Kamalahar” a produce of “Khatore Pharmaceuticals”, help to get rid from Ascites.

Kamalahar is a well researched product for liver disease treatment. It is proven as a hepatoprotective and anti-cirrhotic during various multicentric clinical trials and pharmacological studies.

Kamlahar has ability to inactivate of hepatic stellate cells and the enhancement of hepatic cells regeneration by virtue of its Ingredient herbs.Hepatic cell regeneration facilitates blood flow in the portal vein. subsequently, reduced ascitic fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity.