Hepatitis B patient fully cured through 6 months course of Kamalahar

Mr. Pankaj Sharma, a resident of New Delhi, was suffering from Hepatitis B. He has been through many different treatment and spend thousands of Rupees with no benefit. He came to know about Kamalahar, ayurvedic liver product. He was skeptical in the beginning and had lost all hope. When he started treatment through the ayurvedic product, he was almost sure that nothing will happen but he still decided to go ahead with the treatment as there was no other option left for him. There is currently no cure for hepatitis in allopathic world. As time progressed, his liver condition started improving. After 4 weeks of treatment, various parameters of liver showed a movement towards normal condition. His HsAg, SGPT, etc. were moving towards normal range. Finally after 6 months of hepatitis treatment through Kamalahar, he is back to normal and he is hepatitis negative now. Along with taking Kamalahar, Mr. Sharma had to follow a diet control. He had to avoid alcohol completely and minimize the intake of fatty and oily food.