Fatty Liver Disease

(Protects and cures too)
In liver cells, some amount of fat is naturally found. When the amount of fat in liver cells exceeds a certain limit, the condition is called Fatty Liver. A Liver is considered as Fatty Liver if more than 5% of is fat. The root cause of Fatty liver disease may be both Alcoholic as well as Non-Alcoholic. Drinking too much Alcohol; leads to Fatty liver. When untreated, fatty liver disease may lead to more serious liver conditions like fibrosis. Fatty liver disease progression can increase the risk of Cardiac & Renal disorders.
There are various ailments caused by Non Alcoholic fatty liver diseases, like Obesity, Excess belly fat. It can happen due to high intake of carbohydrates and fats. Symptoms & sign of the fatty liver disease may include Fatigue, pain or heaviness in the right hypochondrium region, elevated levels of liver enzymes & Triglyceride levels.
If you look all around to find the solution of fatty liver disease, you will find Ayurveda is the only health science which can help you especially when you are talking about Liver disorders. Ayurveda, not only protects your liver from being fatty but also helps to get rid of serious disorders. Ayurvedic Herbs provide complete solution of liver disease.
Natural Ingredient of Kamalahar, a well-researched product a product of Khatore pharmaceuticals, has great potential to cure Fatty liver disease. It possesses properties to eliminate acetaldehyde from the liver, a toxic substance produced after alcohol metabolism. Therefore Kamalahar helps protect hepatic cells damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption.
Clinical reports suggest that Kamalahar prevents fatty infiltration of the liver hence helps to get rid of fatty liver disease and its complications.
It has been hypothesized that Kamalhar counters the biologically active compounds, which catalyze the fat break down process in the body. Subsequently, Less accumulation of fat in liver cells.
Kamalahar is most effective when you increase fibers, natural foods, fruits & protein in your diet.