A Success Story of “Kamalahar” in Liver Cirrhosis

This is about about Mr. Alok Pathak who is an ex Air Force personnel. In an interview, he informs he had a serious illness called liver cirrhosis within a  year after his retirement. He had problems like vomiting of blood and at the same time, bleeding started from his nose and gums also. Gradually, water started collecting in his abdomen which is called ascites in medical parlance. During this time, swelling in his feet also occurred.
Someone advised him that he should take a medicine called Kamalahar. So he started taking Kamlahar. He had to go to the toilet several times in the beginning for 2 months. He felt as if his stomach was being cleaned. During this time, his weight also decreased and he also felt very weak.
When this cleanup stopped after 3 months, he started gaining weight again. Now there was a change in his sleeping habits also. Earlier he used to sleep during the day and wake up at night. Now he started sleeping at night as normal.
He was advised by the doctor that he should take very little salt in his food because excessive intake of salt causes accumulation of water in the body and can increase swelling and blood pressure. While eating, he started taking more green vegetables. However, his appetite was still low.
Since there was a lot of water collected in his abdomen which the doctors used to puncture with a needle, it was really very painful for him. After taking Kamlahar, all his problems slowly started getting subside. Now he is quite relieved. His hemoglobin was previously 5 points, now it has increased to 13 points. 6 months ago, his platelet count was 78000. For this reason, he used to get blood from vomiting, nose, and gums. Now his platelet count has increased to 1 lakh 30 thousand.
Describing his experience, he says that the doctor said that he would not be able to live beyond 2 years. His courage was severely broken by this thing, but after taking Kamlahar, it was proved wrong, he expresses happiness saying that “look, more than 2 years have passed and I am still alive”.
Alok Ji wants to personally send a message to all the liver patients that they should take healthy, light, and digestible food and should do regular exercise and yoga as well as keep taking Kamlahar regularly. Because Alok Ji has felt its medicinal effect himself.