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I had lost all hope after I found out that I had Hepatitis B and that there is no cure for Hepatitis B. But my brother never lost hope and found out about Ayurvedic medicine Kamalahar and ordered the medicine. After taking the medicine for more than 3 months I got fully cured.

Pankaj Sharma

My brother-in-law had hepatitis C and Cirrhosis. He was bleeding from nose, mouth, etc. Doctors said that there is no hope and he will survive for only 15 days to 1 month. After 8 months of treatment with Kamalahar, he is Hepatitis negative and he is able to go back to work.

Mr. Ranjit (For Mr. Ashish)

I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. I was on interferon for about 2 years but there was no effect. The viral load did not go down. In 2011, I came across Kamalahar while googling. I was bit skeptical but I still decided to give it a try. I called up the company and asked them for all the details. They sent me the list of ingredients which I researched. After feeling satisfied, I took Kamalahar for 6 months and I was amazed to find out that I was cured of hepatitis C.

Ms. Padmesh

I was suffering from Hepatitis B and my bilirubin count was very high. I was admitted to the hospital. My son-in-law found out about Kamalahar and brought it to me. After 15 days of taking Kamalahar, I was discharged from hospital and after taking 3 months of Kamalahar my liver parameters and bilirubin count came back to normal.


Hindi testimonial is from Mr. Narendra Kulshreshtha and the English testimonial is by Mr. Sanjay Kulshreshtha on behalf of his father-in-law Mr. Narendra Kulshreshtha.

Mr. Narendra Kulshreshtha

I am retired from army. I was posted in Jammu and Kashmir where I got bullet injuries. I was given blood transfusion and because of that I got Hepatitis B. After taking Kamalahar my hepatitis is gone and I am feeling much better.

Major (Retd) Ratan Kumar Sen (Shaurya Chakra)