Fatty Liver


I had fatty liver. I did many things including exercise but it had no effect. After taking Kamalahar for 6 months my liver is back to normal. Along with Kamalahar I followed diet control i.e. no red meat. I also exercised daily.

Mr. Moithutty

I am 70 years old and have undergone many surgeries over the years. But I am fit through Yoga. I have been suffering from Fatty Liver for 25 years. I came to know through Kamalahar and requested half a course. Once I started taking Kamalahar I started feeling hungry again and felt that my spirit is coming back. I finished 6 months medicine and requested for another 6 months medicine. I am fully recovered. I am happy with the tablets.

Mr. Yatin Shah

Four months back I went to see a Gastroenterologist as I was not feeling well. He asked me to do certain liver tests. After the tests, it was found that I had grade 3 fatty liver and early stage of cirrhosis. I was worried as I knew that if it becomes cirrhosis it will lead to problem. The doctor told me that there is no treatment in allopathic but that I should lookup for something called Kamalahar on net. I searched for it and found out about the product and the company. I also went through some of the testimonials. I ordered the product and started taking it. After 4 weeks of taking Kamalahar I did the tests again and found out that the parameters of SGPT, SGOT, etc are in normal range. My jaundice was also gone and I am not feeling fatigue any more. I am thankful for the product and the company.

Mr. Pankaj Chakraborty

I am a diabetic from almost 25 years. I was suffering from fatty liver. I took Kamalahar to cure my fatty liver. I am also recommending it to other people that I know who are suffering from liver problems.

Mr. Dinesh Bindal

I had grade 1 fatty liver. I consulted many physicians but they said there is nothing they can do as there is no treatment in allopathic medicine. But after taking 3 months of Kamalahar I was quite surprised and happy that I have been fully cured.

Ms. Sonia Puri