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Kamalahar Testimonial (01/12/2010)
I am mentioning with profound gratitude that your ayurvedic product Kamalahar had played a major role as a life saver after the corporate hospitals had given up treatment when I was suffering from hepato-cellular jaundice with Ascitis and decompensation of liver. My serum bilirubin level went up to as high as 22. The bilirubin after six months of rest diet and allopathic treatment was around 16 (sixteen) and I had become a mere skeleton of my old self. Thereafter I learned about Kamalahar from my son. After 1 month of treatment, my serum bilirubin was a bit above 1 and within 3 months 0.65 which was in normal healthy range.

K-MATIC Testimonial (04-07-2005)
Presently I am 72 years old and I had an attack of Knee joint pain in the year 1982 when I was 49 years old. It was very painful and the swelling was so bad that I was walking with great difficulty. Last year during August 2004 all of a sudden my left knee become immobile, I continued to walk painfully with tears in my eyes, trying out homeopathic remedies for around 2 months. At that time of crisis K-MATIC of Khatore Pharmaceuticals did a wonderful job. My dosage was as follows: 2 capsules twice daily for the first 15 day. Thereafter, 1 capsule twice daily for the next 2½ months. The above 3 months medication ended in Dec 2004 and my painful condition had improved by above 80%. It is about 6 months since I have discontinued the medicine and the relief I feel at times makes me imagine that K-MATIC came to me as Godsend when I was under helpless sufferings.


Ms. Rubi Goswami

My father was suffering from Ascites, Cirrhosis and Hepatitis. There was fluid accumulating in his stomach. We had lost all hope. After almost 5 months of treatment with Kamalahar, he is back to normal.

Dr. Godke (for his father)