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Q.1.How do I order Kamalahar?

Ans.You can order from our website by clicking on “Buy Products”, followed by “Add to Cart” below Kamalahar, followed by “Proceed to Checkout”, followed by filling up the shipping and payment information. For details on Ordering from Outside India: Please see the following video

You can order from our website by clicking on

Q.2.What role does Kamalahar play in the treatment of Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Fatty Liver and Ascites?

Numerous patients suffering from Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Fatty Liver and Ascites have been treated using Kamalahar. Please call us on +91-9937411659 to get more details.

Q.3.What is the duration of Kamalahar medication for patients suffering from Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Fatty Liver, Ascites and Jaundice?

Ans. The duration of medication for patients suffering from liver disorders varies with the type of disorder and also the severity of the problem. Patients suffering from only Jaundice typically get cured with 2 weeks of Kamalahar along with diet control. Patients suffering from Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Fatty liver and Ascites have to take at least 1 full course of Kamalahar.

Q.4. What is the duration of 1 full course of Kamalahar?

Ans. 1 full course of Kamalahar consists of 12 bottles and lasts for 6 months.

Q.5. Do I have to wait for 6 months to know that I am getting cured through Kamalahar?

Ans. Patients do not have to wait for 6 months to start seeing the improvement. They start seeing the improvement in various liver parameters in 6-8 weeks. This can be verified through Liver Function Tests (LFT) done through blood test and other liver tests.

Q.6. What is the cost of 1 full course of Kamalahar?

Ans.The cost of 1 full course of Kamalahar is Rs 5,700/- plus the shipping cost.

Q.7.What could be the recovery stages in cases of Jaundice?

Ans.As observed by doctors, stages (signs & symptoms) of recovery (on 14 days scale) are roughly as follows:

  • - Nausea is suppressed
  • - Itching (if at all) disappears
  • - Anorexia decreases and appetite improves
  • - Pyrexic alleviates
  • - Yellow staining of clara and urine start diminishing
  • - Pain in limbs and abdomen start diminishing.
  • - Yellowness (eyes/urine) decreases by 50%
  • - Enlargement of the liver moves towards normalcy
  • - At this stage, oedema, if any, begins to be supressed
  • - Appetite is seen improving further.
  • - Constipation is relieved and bowel becomes clear.
  • - Lassitude wanes, general strength improves.
DURING NEXT 7 DAYS (final recovery):
  • - An all-round sense of well-being is felt by patient
  • - If bed-ridden, the patient is seen resuming normal physical activities
  • - Over 70% of patients regain normal health by the 10th day, if not earlier
  • - LFTs (serum bilirubin), SGPT, SGOT, ALP reported at much better, if not normal levels.

Q.8. What is observed in very severe cases?

1. Some patients who developed night blindness due to jaundice regained their normal vision after the 4th day of treatment.
2. Yellow vision, on account of very high levels of bilirubin, was eliminated after 4 days.

Q.9. Does Kamalahar have any role in prevention?

Ans.Yes in drugs/alcohol induced liver disorders.

Q.10. Can you tell us about Kamalahar clinical trials?

Ans.Multicentric, double blind randomised studies conducted by Professors of Gastroenterology & Medicine were carried out, presented in Medical Conferences, and published in Medical journals. Details of these clinical trials can be found under the CLINICAL TRIALS link.

Q.11. Can you share the experiences of other patients?

Ans.Yes, please see the TESTIMONIAL LINK.

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