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Khatore Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. was founded to provide relief to the numerous sufferers of jaundice throughout the world. Khatore Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. (KPPL) was launched in 1984, and since then, the company has helped millions of sufferers across the world by providing high quality Ayurvedic medicines that meet strict quality standards.

Khatore Pharmaceuticals is GMP certified. In recognition of its strict quality assurance and maintenance of high standards, KPPL received the "Best Entrepreneur" award for Ayurvedic Medicine in Asia for the year 2000.

The Kamalahar Pioneer

In 1956, the late industrialist, Shri Sitaram Khatore moved to Barbil, India, a town located in the hilly area of the state of Orissa. Barbil is surrounded by forests where medicinal plants and herbs are available in abundance. Besides his professional activities, his passion was to study Ayurvedic literature and distribute self-formulated indigenous medicines to the poor people of the locality free of cost. This continued for over two decades during which thousands of patients benefitted.

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